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Design & Construction

NET’s engineers are committed to developing engineering solutions to meet our Client’s most complex requirements. Engineering disciplines include: electrical, mechanical, civil, fire safety and structural engineering; as well as advanced specialties such as simulation, integrated automation processes and 3D modeling. We have adequate technical experts and resources in each serving field.

Energy Management

NET provide efficient energy management solution for a complete factory installation including machineries and commercial building through Level-I, Level-II and Investment level energy auditing. NET also assists in the development of a comprehensive energy program for continuous energy performance improvement of an enterprise.

Environment & Sustainability

Aligning with the global demand of environmental sustainability and sustainable development goal NET provide Environmental Audit, Stack Emission Testing, Environmental Impact Assessment etc. for existing and new installation. NET also conduct various Environmental Awareness program.

Periodic Inspection

While the industry standard continuously changing and existing equipment deteriorate with time, our periodical inspection service is designed to ensure functionality and standard compatibility electrical system and fire protection system of a premises.